We specialise in collaborating with you to design and hand make an original, one-of-a-kind piece just for you.


Christmas closure 2018!
In The Drawer
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Occassionally we put together exhibitions of our work. See below some work from our previous exhibitions.


Artist: Melinda Capp

Artist: Alison Jackson

Here is an extra sneaky peak of what's in the draw!

Artist: Catherine Large

Artist: Elizabeth Shaw

Artist: Sophie Carnell

Artist: Anna Davern

Have you ever opened a drawer with a feeling of anticipation? Or sneaked a peak in someone else's drawer? Did it tell a story? What was your emotional response? Was it shock, guilt, horror, surprise, delight or disgust?           

Small Space Jewellery invited 85 artists to respond to 'What's in the drawer?' from their own vantage point.

'In The Drawer' is a part of the 2019 Radiant Pavilion Jewellery and Object trail, and will be on display from Saturday 7th September to Saturday 28th September. We invite viewers to come and choose a drawer to peak into and experince the emotions elicited by the artists creations! 

In The Drawer